29 August 2009

Sunday Clothes

Last night, I went to a swing dance. It was the type where you pay $5 to get in, and then for an hour and a half you get taught moves you already know before being 'turned loose' on your own. At these events, being a girl is a pretty boring job - not the dancing, but the interminable waiting by the sides of the room to dance. See, there are never enough guys at dances like that, so if you don't have a special someone to keep you occupied for the evening, dance nights tend on the dull, tedious side of the spectrum.

That being said, I need to confess that sometimes I'm in the mood for 3 hours spent looking pleasant for no purpose. But last night was not one of those nights. I was feeling very tired, slightly sick, and lethargic, and going to a dance was the last thing I wanted to do. However, I'd already rsvped for the dance, and so I was stuck between the horns of a dilemma: I could stay home and read, and that would look awkward for me not to show up, or I could go and not enjoy myself. As you already know, I took the second option.

I had to keep this song in mind for the whole evening: Put on your Sunday clothes from Hello, Dolly!

Hehe. I suppose you're waiting for a moral to the incredibly meaningless story. Here. The moral of this story is to look both ways before crossing the street.

Keep thinking,

25 August 2009


You may not have noticed, but there's a map on the side of my blog that tracks the geographical locations of people who have accessed my blog.

There are people from Europe, someone from India, and a couple from the Oceania region, not to mention quite a few from the Americas. Well, I was curious one day, and decided to check out what articles that other people are accessing. It's overwhelming to see how many people have been tricked onto this blog by my post called "Crowning moments of awesome: Latin Quotes A-E." I googled the phrase 'crowning moments of awesome', and sure enough, It's Raining is listed on the first page as a result. So, my apologies to all you web-surfers who have expected a tvtropes article and have instead found the fan-girling list of linguistic coolness.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go change the name of that particular post.

Keep thinking,


The Seattle Times printed this story about a week ago. For those whose lives are too busy to go and actually read the story, I'll sum for you:

Ronald Struve, 67, was sentenced to 4 years in prison on weapons charges. The weapons in question consisted of two grenade launchers, 54 grenades (one of which was dud-launched, or more dangerous than the others), six large blocks of C4, a plastic explosive, and 37 machine guns from the Vietnam War era. Struve apparently collected this arsenal during the Cold War, because he wanted to be ready for the Chinese or Russian invasion, which he felt was imminent. After the Cold War ended, he just couldn't bear to part with them. Included in his four years of detention to think through his 'crimes', he is also sentenced to (wait for it) mental-health counseling, and three years of probation.

The first time I read the article, I couldn't believe it. It was way too awesome for it to actually happen. Well, it did happen, and I'm a bit sorry for the poor bloke. Why does he need mental-health guidance for being prepared?

I guess the moral of this story is "There is a charge for awesome: Legal charges."

Keep thinking,

17 August 2009


Note to self: procrastination does not work. I really ought to join a twelve-step program or something at this point, it's gotten so bad. I posted a few months ago that I'm taking a few classes over the summer. Well, as of this date, I've gotten three weeks of math done, and 10 days of history.

Okay, so maybe I've got legitimate excuses, but still, this is horrible. So maybe after life stops happening to me, I'll get real homework done. :P 'Till then,

Keep thinking. And don't procrastinate.