25 August 2009


You may not have noticed, but there's a map on the side of my blog that tracks the geographical locations of people who have accessed my blog.

There are people from Europe, someone from India, and a couple from the Oceania region, not to mention quite a few from the Americas. Well, I was curious one day, and decided to check out what articles that other people are accessing. It's overwhelming to see how many people have been tricked onto this blog by my post called "Crowning moments of awesome: Latin Quotes A-E." I googled the phrase 'crowning moments of awesome', and sure enough, It's Raining is listed on the first page as a result. So, my apologies to all you web-surfers who have expected a tvtropes article and have instead found the fan-girling list of linguistic coolness.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go change the name of that particular post.

Keep thinking,


  1. No, you need to leave the title the same, but link it to this post so that the tropers get the joke.

    .__. srsly.

  2. OH. MY. GO-SH, what did you do to your layout?!

    It looks awesome. =P