25 May 2010

The choices, the choices

I've got so many different Music Monday songs I'd like to do, it took until Tuesday to decide!

Right. You're not buying that.

Ahem. Anyways. This week, I've decided to share one of my favoritest (is that a word?) pieces of classical music: Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky. Isn't "Modest" an amazing first name?

He's got such a range of emotions in this piece - from quiet to show-stopping. Good stuff. Enjoy!



  1. It is such an amazing name that it is one of the things I actually remember from my college music course. (I am sorry to say I systematically forgot much of the rest.)

  2. I like this piece too! Favoritest is definitely a word. I just added it to my computer's dictionary. :P

    I'm supposed to tell you I tagged you on my blog. :)