24 June 2010

Candid Room

So I was tagged by Chris at My Ink Spot to take a picture of my room without cleaning it at all.

This first one is from the door of my room. You can see my iron horse by the window (Thursday gave it to me for my 15th birthday), and my small book shelf, bean bag chair, and three book baskets in the corner. My bed is that mess on the right hand side of the picture, and you can catch some new yarn I bought yesterday for Unexpected Song's gloves.

The other side of my room has my armoire and closet. On top of my armoire you'll notice a rather large collection of dolls. You can see the head of my Twinn doll peeking out behind the green bunny ears on the left. There's also a china bride doll, a Russian figure skater, Samantha from the American Girl series, a ballerina doll, and a few others. I'm not really attached to most of them, but a lot of them were gifts or were really important to me before I hit the double digits. Also, there's more random hair products lying on the floor next to my towel.

This is the other part of the other side of my room. You can see my suits and shirts in the closet, my math homework on the floor (next to the towel), and my vanity. Yes, that wood desk cluttered with hairspray, hair gel, jewelry, yarn, and books is the actual representation of my pride. Actually, no. A vanity is the official name for those desk/chest of drawers that glamorous women do their makeup at in the movies. There's a pile of sweaters on the chair that goes in front of it.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I've been hanging up my hat collection where it won't get squished and soiled. On the far right is a burgundy hat in '40s style. Then comes my brown fedora, complete with lavender sprigs. The bright pink one is my first hat. Dad gave it to me for Christmas many years ago, and it's been a joke that I'll wear it to the Kentucky Derby "when Dad takes me." The big black circle next to the Derby hat is my evil 1800s hat. It's got a big velvet band around the rim, tied in a bow on the side, and I can look really creepy in it. Missing are my Greek fisherman's hat, my purple cloche, the blue soft-brimmed hat, and the straw sun hat, and others which should not be named.

So there you have it. If you're reading this, I tag you to do the same.




    My room is very much not ready to be viewed by the public. O.o

    ::goes off to find loophole::

  2. Oh, shoot, I read through the whole thing. :P

    My room is actually in somewhat decent order, seeing as I spent nearly all day cleaning it. Hm.

  3. I enjoy your room greatly. It has class, but it's also fun and durable.

  4. Man, you caught me in the middle of packing for a trip/recleaning my room. So it's a mess! =D

  5. How did I not see this? It didn't show up on my page... oh well.

    Great room! It's very classy. The cool steel horse thing in the first one is pretty awesome.

    I've always wondered why those things are called "Vanities" because that's awful suspicious. Kinda funny, though. :-)

    I like your hats!