05 December 2011

Living in Interesting Times

It may intrigue my readers to learn that, in fifteen minutes, I will be leaving for an appointment with an acupuncturist.


  1. Can I accurately tie this appointment back to a certain recent incident, or is it for some other reason?

  2. I've seen someone get it, and I've gotta say...it's SO creepy watching them keep sticking needles in someone, until their entire body is covered! *shivers*
    Why are you getting acupuncture? Are you just getting stressed due to school, or something?

  3. Emily Hannah - Yeah, it did work wonders. I'm going in for a follow-up tomorrow.

    Raymond - It was sort of related. Actually, my doctor prescribed it for the chronic headaches I got from the first concussion. I was going in for treatment anyways, but the other incident certainly helped. ;)

    Emily - I gave myself a concussion a month ago and have been having chronic, severe, daily headaches since then.