26 December 2012

A piece of unimportant news

Hello again. It's nice to see you all again. I apologize for the failure of posts in the past few weeks. What with the packing, the cooking, the planning of parties, the working, the trying to record a college audition, the losing of minds and the reconnecting with old friends, I haven't had the time nor interest to blog.

You see, it's awfully redundant to blog about something you've already talked about with someone in real life.

Well, my lovelies, I have six days left in the States. Six days. You read that correctly.

I'll be abroad for six months, and expect to have plenty of exciting adventures and challenges during my absence. However, I don't want to burden followers who read for my thoughts with the relatively inane "Today I tried [x] exotic food and thought [y]." For that reason, I'm popping over here to let you know - I am opening a second blog for my traveling experiences, while keeping this one full of pure and unpolluted Whimsyness.

Sounds like fun?

The blog can be found here: http://ridingthermals.blogspot.com/

I might update It's Raining this weekend. But then again, I might not. Who knows?  My next thoughtful post could very well be from Down Under.

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