06 April 2009

Nascentes Morimur

That Latin phrase is translated: From the moment we are born, we die. Yes, I do know I'm morbid. But with all the interesting things happening with my relatives (one died last week, and I've an uncle with cancer), I've been thinking about it a lot. So I asked myself the question: What will my tombstone look like?

Well, for starters, it must have an angel on it, preferably crying. These would do.

And then, I don't want my name on it. Just something philosophical and melancholy, to fit my disposition. Something like these ones:

Beneath this simple stone
That marks his resting place
Our precious darling sleeps alone
In the Lord's long embrace

Earth has no sorrow that heaven can not heal

Non omnis moriar (not all of me shall die)

Q.E.D (Quod Erat Demonstrandum, or That which has been demonstrated)

Adsum (I am here)

Memento mori (Remember your mortality)

Stipendium Peccati Mors Est (The wages of sin is death)

And then finally, my grave itself needs to be somewhere quiet, not by a freeway, or in a huge cemetery. Preferably, I'd have enough money when I die to purchase a huge estate and put a death park in it on the grounds. It would look like this:

Hidden somewhere within the park would be my grave, and a little waterfall and bench to sit on. Overall, my desired effect would be calm, and peaceful. Not noisy, or fast, but relaxing. Maybe I'd even put in a Zen garden nearby for any visitors to look at.


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