23 April 2009

When I die, Hallelujah, Bye and Bye, I'll Fly Away

I posted about my lovebird, Thor, a couple weeks ago, and how he had such a huge ego for such a small body. This morning, April 23rd, 2009, Thor flew on to a better world.

It was such a huge shock, because he had not shown signs of illness. Perhaps the draft killed him, perhaps not, we'll never know. The last time I held him was Tuesday night.

Let's think about this for a moment: If there were no God, humans would be the most irrational creatures ever. To form such strong emotional bonds with animals that provide nothing strictly material (ie nothing besides friendship and companionship or other such emotions) simply does not fit in in the naturalistic worldview, where only the testable and touchable is real, and the supernatural does not exist.

But God does exist, and He gave us stewardship over animals, so this grief I feel makes sense in that way.

"Yea though He slay me, yet will I trust Him." I guess that even losing a beloved friend like Thor will ultimately bring God glory. But if it doesn't sound to sentimental, I hope to see Thor, and Tansi (that's a story for another time) when I die.



  1. OH NO!!!!! THOR DIED?!
    *cries buckets of tears*
    I'm sorry. =[

  2. Yeah. Dad found him early yesterday morning. :(

  3. I hope we'll see our animals too, Sabam.


  4. I so sorry. I keep a journal and if one of my pets dies, I write down every little thing I can remember about them. I think it makes an animal's life more worthwhile to have someone miss them. blessings