08 May 2009

If Spring's spring were wound, Spring would have sprung

What do April Showers bring? Pilgrims, of course!

It isn't acting as if it's spring. April decided to annex May, so we've been having rain, and rain, and more rain, with only very small hints that there are May flowers out there, somewhere. It's no different, really, than winter. Imagine my surprise, then, when I learned that there are only two more weeks of school for me. The year has past so quickly. When the co-op ends, I shall post a year in review, for my myriad of adoring fans out there. :)

I should probably get to the real point of this post: the ten things I love about spring.

10. School's almost done
9. The Sun starts looking through clouds
8. Summer movies start coming out
7. Snow Geese
6. Picking up new school books
5. Violin Concerts (John Williams and Vivaldi for the win)
4. Log rolling down really wet hills
3. The smell of rain
2. Yearbooks!
1. It is now almost legal to wear shorts


  1. Did you see that impromptu about chickens in the spring? That was awesome.

    You are blessed for having but two weeks of school left. I took too many weeks of school off in speech season and will likely have to school through part of summer. =P

  2. No, but I heard about it.

    Technically, it's one week of co-op. We meet every week, so I had to keep up with school, dur. My other one has 3 weeks left.

    I feel your pain, schooling through the summer is no fun. I'm starting next years' homework next week to try to have less catch-up come tournament season. :)