19 September 2009

Rain, rain, come today...

There is something gorgeous about a overcast, gray, rainy day in the Great Northwet.

Today, I am happy to say, it rained. Unfortunately, I've been feeling a little under the weather recently, and I could not get outside until it was too late to stand in it until I was soaked. However, I have decided that this autumn and winter season, I will make sure to become soaked to the bone in precipitation of any sort at least 5 times. Your stares of consternation are becoming so intense, I can feel them from here, so I'll back up and explain.

Rain is my favorite type of weather. It facilitates creativity, and has such an amazing effect on my moods. To fully realize rain's creative potential, one must get out in it for as long as possible. When you can't get any wetter, you come back inside, change into dry clothes (but leave your hair wet), and sit down to record your inspiration. This is when I get my best ideas, both of the writing and musical persuasion. Thus, my hobby of standing in the rain to think. So when I decide to get soaked at least 5 times, I'm not being a crazy person, but instead making *great* contributions to art.

The practical result I get is, however, not the only reason I love rain. The sound of rain dripping from the roof and on the windows is relaxing, the sight of clouds is uplifting, and the solitude is to die for, since I'm usually the only one to stand out in the rain for long.

Keep raining,

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