29 March 2010

Inside of You, In Spite of You

I'm sure you've noticed how eclectic my choices in music are by this point. I'll drive it home and give you a rather nice goth rock song today. It's called Inside of You, In Spite of You by ThouShaltNot. If you're anything like most people I know, you're thinking "Okay, I knew Problematic was a little out there. But goth rock? She's pushing it now."

There's an interesting thing I've noticed about my friends. They look at a genre of music and judge it without even listening to it. Now, I'll be the first to say I'm not goth. I never was, I never intend to be, and if you refer to this post, you'll see that my views on the matter are a little ... strong.  But before you go and discount this song, take a look at its lyrics. Not only is the beat of the song strong and catchy, but the lyrics are actually quite amazing.

Inside of You, In Spite of You by ThouShaltNot

I am in the air now
I am in your lungs
I am written
I am spoken by a million flaming tongues
I'm the lens through which you see
I'm the process
I am the key
I am synapses firing bullets from a gun
I'm the world's mystique
I am the words you speak
I am language
I am hidden memories that you seek
I am the sun before you see me rise
I burn still when you close your eyes
I am the soul that never dies when flesh is weak

I am inside of you in spite of you
With strength and sacred grace
But for all you do
I'll carry you now
From this bitter place

I am in your future
I am in your past
I'm the echo of your footsteps
I'm your shadow cast
I'm the heat you radiate
I am the fury and the fate
I am each beat within your heart from first to last
I'm your action without thought
I am the instinct born inside you
I'm the bones from which you drape
I am protective skin to hide you
I'm the pull that the earth exerts
I am the rain that stings and the snow that blinds
I'm the architecture of your world and mind

I am the dawn of ages
I am the days seen through
I'm final entropy
I am inside of you
I am the clouds that cover
Your way into the blue
I kiss with life to give
All this in spite of you

Interesting song, neh? I apologize for the video of the song - I only found In Spite of You is fan-made movies. And Lord Cutler Beckett was infinitely preferrable to Edward Cullen.


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