23 March 2010

Personality (Dis)order

You may have noticed a link on the sidebar describing my personality: Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiver. When I took the test, I didn't have time to look up the attributes associated with INFP personality types. But I did today. Look at the results:

-attracted to sad things
-ambivalent of the rules
-likes esoteric things-disorganized
-likes the rain
-easily distracted
-does not like crowds
-attracted to the counter culture
-can be pessimistic
-can feel uncomfortable around others
-can be overwhelmed by unpleasant feelings
-frequently losing things
-can be pessimistic

Up to this point, I wondered how they knew all this about me. It's like they've read my blog or something. These next ones were ambivalent. I haven't noticed it about myself, but maybe you have.

-prone to quitting
-prone to feelings of loneliness
-avoidant-sometimes can't control fearful thoughts
-prone to crying
-focus on fantasies
-acts without planning
-low self confidence
-emotionally moody
-can feel defective
-prone to lateness
-prone to sadness
-prone to dreaming about a rescuer
-can sabotage self
-prone to regret
-can be submissive
-prone to feeling discouraged
-frequently second guesses self
-not punctual
-not always prepared
-prone to confusion
-prone to irresponsibility

Yeah, those are the ones I'm rather ambivalent about. But these next ones are jewels. They're perfect "lolwot" material. 
-can feel victimized
-familiar with the dark side
-more likely to support marijuana legalization
-daydreams about people to maintain a sense of closeness
-wounded at the core
-feels shame

I'm still chuckling over the marijuana one. I love personality tests. They offer so much amusement potential. =D


  1. Teeheehee... I've got a similar post in my "Drafts" vault. I'll have to blow the dust off of it and finish now that someone's beat me to it. =P

  2. "-prone to feelings of loneliness
    -focus on fantasies
    -emotionally moody
    -prone to dreaming about a rescuer"

    Uh, SBM, can you say, "I Need A Hero!" That's practically your theme song... or at least I thought you said as much in a past post. I think it fits rather well.

  3. Never knew this. That is hilarious. I need to take this test. :)

  4. @ Brenna - You should. The world wants to know what odd personality quirks the computer predicts for you. :)

    @ Gray - Maybe the 'prone to dreaming about a rescuer' and 'prone to focus on fantasies', but not 'prone to feelings of loneliness.' Though it's true, not that I think about it, it does explain my great like of that song. Not quite theme song status, but still a great song.

    @ Rachel - If you follow the link in the sidebar, you can get to a website that'll give you the test for free. And quite a few other tests, including personality disorders. According to the disorder test, I'm borderline Schizoid. xD