06 March 2010

Olympia Days 4 & 5

I'm tired, so I'll make this fairly short.

On Thursday, in Page School, we had a mock Ways and Mean committee meeting. Along with Mrs.Incredible and one House page, I was in the conservative minority, but my proposal passed! My budget proposal was that we deport the illegal immigrant offenders in our jails back to their country of origin, saving $ 9 million. Mrs. Incredible and the house page's proposals didn't pass because they were quite conservative. I surprised one of the teachers by voting for a 1% income tax proposal, which was incredibly funny. He said: "Problematic, I can't believe you voted for that. I'm surprised!" because I had voted against all the other tax increases in the committee.

Also on Thursday, protestors from Evergreen College and UW showed up. They brought a coffin to protest a proposed increase of tuition for state colleges to balance the budget - apparently they were burying state higher education. And then they started singing in the Senate Gallery, getting through a verse and a half before being thrown out. The WSP brought some bomb sniffing dogs and about twenty extra officers for security.

It completely figures that the one day I decided to wear pigtails (Friday) is the day my Senator requests me to do the flag ceremony. I carried the American Flag. Besides that, nothing out of the ordinary happened.

It's a lame update, I know.

My conclusion: Paging is awesome. I am now interested in the United States Senate Page program. And I totally recommend the experience to everyone.

Now, I'm going to sleep again for a while.

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