23 April 2010

Short Grab Bag

Alrighty. In my haste to get my thoughts about Regionals up and running, I forgot to bring you other important news.

So, starting at the very beginning. The Monday after Regionals, I had an audition for a summer production of Much Ado About Nothing. I think it went rather well - I used a piece from Moliere's Two Precious Maidens Ridiculed. It's all about this hopelessly romantic teenage girl lecturing her father about how a suitor is supposed to behave around his beloved.  The callbacks were posted the next day, and I've been called back for Hero, Ursula, and a member of the city Watch. I'm quite excited, really. Hero was the role I'd been hoping to be called back as, but if I get any of those roles, I'll be most pleased.

On Tuesday evening, my mom got back from Minnesota. She spent three weeks back there with my uncle, during the course of which she got a sinus infection. Thank you all for keeping her in your prayers.

Today is quite busy. About a month ago, Lady Specs emailed me about the Christian Heritage Conference. Turns out, someone had volunteered me to help with the Speech and Debate presentation that Lady Specs was organizing. I've spent this last week stressing about what I would say. I finally finished the script today. So at noon, I'll be heading over to the conference, and after that, well, well, well... It's also Lady Spec's 18th birthday today, so she's having a dance in honor of it. Which should prove interesting.

Well, that's all for now, folks!


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