03 April 2010


Qwip tagged me with this one, which he wrote himself.

1. How many toes do you have?

14. In base 6, that is.

2. How many bones have you broken?

One. It was when someone mistook my foot for the soccer ball in a game and tried to loft it.

3. Name an epic thing that you have done.

I was carrying one of those food trays you get from the cafeteria to a friend with a plate of food and  a glass of water on it. I tripped over the invisible object that follows me a around, and the plate of food and glass jumped off the tray. Keep in mind this was a few feet from my friend's table. She turned around just in time to see me catch the food and water glass on the tray just before planting my face in the cement. Nothing spilled.

4. If you had a pet lemming, what would you name him?

Road Kill

5. What color are the clothes you're wearing right now?

Cream and brown, unless you're also counting the drawing on my arm, in which case: Cream and Brown and purply black.

6. How awesome are orca whales on a scale of one to ten?

Uhhhh.... Five? I've never really thought about it before.

8. How old do you want to be when you die?

Before fifty. Unlike the creator of this tag, I want to be doing something interesting when I go.

9. Name a pet peeve and an addiction.

Pet Peeve: People apologizing for things that don't need apologies ("I'm sorry, I have to get my bag. I'm sorry, did I open my sandwich without asking if you've had lunch. I'm sorry, I opened the door a little slowly. I'm sorry, I just expressed an opinion you disagree with ..." )

Addiction:  I'm addicted to well-written movie soundtracks.

10. Write a paragraph detailing your life. 100 word minimum.

My earliest memory is standing at the top of a very large hill looking down on my brother on the playground at the foot of the hill. I was public schooled from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade, a time period I prefer to forget. Public school is one of the reasons that I can't stand kids. I took up the violin in second grade. I was also in a ballet company basically from kindergarten 'till sixth grade. I was training to be a professional. It was in ballet that I discovered precisely everything that was wrong with my feet. I went en pointe and my firey, scary Russian teacher sent me to a foot doctor to see what the trouble was. Turns out, I had plantar faschitis, achilles tendonities, calcaneal apophicitis, epiphicitis, and sesmoiditis. In other words, my feet were screwy. In addition, x-rays discovered that I have extra bones in my heels and bone growths that severally limit my range of motion. The doctor put me in cast boots for two months and I had to drop out of dance, because while surgery could have fixed these problems, it was terribly expensive.  After fifth grade, I asked my parents to home school me, and they were kind enough to agree. I joined a choir, and a few years later, the NCFCA. And that pretty much brings me up to date - nothing much has happened during my years homeschooling.  Hah, 200-something words.

11. Name one thing that isn't really a secret, but that you haven't really gotten around to telling anyone.

I really like my privacy, so it bugs me when people ask too much about me.

12. Name another pet peeve.

The slurping and munching sounds people make when they eat noisily drive me nuts.
13. Sprechen Sie deutsch?

Ich spreche nur sehr wenig Deutsch

14. Tell a joke.

Zakos Mahatma Gandhi, as you know, walked barefoot most of the time, which produced an impressive set of calluses on his feet. He also ate very little, which made him rather frail and, with his odd diet, he suffered from bad breath. This made him a super calloused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis

15. How many of the questions have you answered in a witty manner so far?

4, ish.

16. Compose a haiku.

 The cute crocodile
Opens his mouth for fishies
Grinning, licks his lips.

17. Have you ever noticed how sour candies taste even more sour if you rub them on the side of your tongue?


18. What book(s) are you reading at the moment?

The Phoenix Guard by Someone - it's a parody, of sorts, of Dumas' the Three Musketeers
Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China by Jung Chang - It's part history, part biography, part memoir.
and a collection of Moliere's one act plays

19. How many doors are there in your house?


20. How would you solve a problem like Maria?

Solitary confinement's worked before.

21. Think of something about yourself. Anything. Go on, think of it.

Now think of something more interesting. Write it down here.

Something more interesting: I got certified in Leave No Trace when I was nine, and then proceeded to bully older Boy Scouts getting their certification because I volunteered as an instructor about how to act around pack animals for several years after that. I think I enjoyed it a little too much.

22. What's wrong with your legs?

I'm the lady from the test.

24. What's your favorite show tune?

That's a hard one. Camelot's my favorite musical, and it's got so many good ones. The Simple Joys of Maidenhood, Camelot, The Jousts, the Seven Deadly Virtues, and Guenevere rank up there, though.

25. Okay, you can tell us what that first thing you thought of for number 21 was. We all want to know, even if it isn't interesting.

I missed my best friend's birthday party five years in a row.

I tag Jare and Lib.