01 February 2010

A Grab Bag of Assorted Things

Rightyo. I believe the title is self-explanatory, so let's get started.

It's kind of creepy when a complete stranger motions that he'd like to eat you. What happened was this: Thursday was driving me home from a class this afternoon, and we'd pulled up to a major intersection. There was a guy holding a sign for some sort of food chain standing on the corner. Because Thurs and I were the first car at the intersection, this guy's attention was immediately drawn to our car. In the intervening three minutes, he repeatedly gestured at me, rubbed his belly, and then made a thumbs-up. At least, I think that's what happened. I lost my glasses this morning before class, so that's the general impression I got from him. He finally realized that threatening to eat me wasn't going to make Thurs change lanes, so he started doing acrobatics. Thurs applauded when he managed to balance the sign on his chin, completely ignoring his little sister's discomfort.  On the plus side, I now have added incentive to find my glasses again.

You may remember that I blogged a few weeks ago about sending in my application for the Washington State Senate Page Program. Well, on Friday I received my letter of acceptance from the State Secretary. Hoohoo! If I don't post for the week of March 1st, you now have a reason. Yes, I am very excited about it.

[fluid and witty transition here]

I hate breakfast. It might be because my own dear brother is a picky eater. For years, the only food he'd eat for breakfast was Grape Nuts, slathered with sugar. He ate them dry. Now, if you have any experience with Grape Nuts, you'll agree with me when I compare eating them dry to eating gravel and glass splinters with nothing to wash them down. And because I'm not as picky, I ate what he ate. As a result, I have an eternal loathing for breakfast food. I tut at toast, I choke on cereal - hot and cold -, I exclaim at eggs, and cinnamon rolls, bear claws, and other sweet pastries cause utter revulsion for me. I love breaking my fast in the morning, but I am far more likely to eat a sandwich or leftovers rather than breakfast food.

However, there is one cereal I like. It's not terribly healthy, but it isn't horrible either. And at the rate I'm eating it, I'll have very healthy cholesterol levels. Yup. I love Honey-Nut Cheerios. And Mom got a huge box of them last week. I am in bliss. I believe I've had a bowl every morning since then, which is saying something, considering I hate routine and get bored by habit.  So yes, I can have breakfasty breakfast, now.

I do believe that is all.

Good day!


  1. Disturbingly, the creepy food sign guy sounds like someone i would know...

  2. I can balance things on my chin!

    Also, did you just say that you're not a picky eater and that you loathe most breakfast foods in the same paragraph?

  3. I said I wasn't as picky of an eater as my brother. ;) Good catch, though.