28 February 2010

It don't mean a thing...

 Last Friday was a pretty amazing swing dance. It was themed as 1946, which was quite fun. It lasted five hours, and I had a grand old time getting ready at Lady Specs' house previous to the dance. As I just stated, I really enjoyed myself, though a few ... unusual circumstances made the evening more than memorable. So let's go in chronological order.

Upon arriving at the dance, I reacquainted myself with a young man I met through a music camp, who I shall call D. D recognized me more quickly than I him, and we had a pleasant conversation. The instruction session ended, and the dance began in earnest. I was asked to dance a few times, on one occasion by D. Who asked again 30 minutes later. And then, again. And yet again. I believe I danced with him more than anyone else at the event. And at the end of the night as we began tearing down the grange hall, D approached me and said: 'So, if I come to more of these dances, will I be able to see you again?" O.0 That was a bit cringe-worthy. I just hope I handled it well. >.>

Also, I was pleasantly surprised to see some of the guys from my club there. I was less pleasantly surprised to see them not dancing. Due to extreme high spirits that night, I pulled out my trusty guilt-trip skills, and voila! As a side note, I am very, very proud of Cassandra's younger brother who attended the dance. He asked several young ladies who had not danced much that night to dance with him. Ach, so proud! So I guilt-tripped three young men into dancing. They may hate me now, but in my defense, it built their character.

One of the more unusual memories from that evening was dancing with a hot dog. Alright, not actually dancing with a hot dog. More like, dancing with a guy who was eating a hot dog in one hand and attempted to dance with the other. Yeah, interesting times.

However, the highlight of the evening was dancing to Sing, Sing, Sing. It's a swing dance staple, but because at most dances I sit out, I've never danced to it. And it really is an amazing song, with all the drums in it. ... So I did ask the guy to dance with me, but he didn't mind! :blush: Most enjoyable.

Overall, it was a surprisingly enjoyable evening. There are many other details which would no doubt bore you, but that was the brief overview. Although I fear I may have made myself out a liar: I danced so often on Friday I can't remember how many times I danced. New personal record, methinks.

B, who must get ready for paging tomorrow


  1. Hey, I dance just as well with a hot dog as without.

  2. I'm sorry to break it to you Qwip, but no, no you don't. Nearly twisting a girl's arm off is not "good dancing." Of course, nearly dropping her isn't very good either, but if you had tried to catch me with the hotdog, I would have been considerably put out. ;)

  3. Huh. I'm sorry. I must work on my hotdog dancing skills.