23 February 2010

You know there was a tournament last weekend, right? Well, I observed something interesting at the tournament: Parents I had never met before came up and introduced themselves. Nothing out of the ordinary there, but they already knew my name. O.0

Hobbes and Escapists' mom, for instance. I was talking with Calvin's mom, and as the conversation ended, a nice looking woman with a few children clustered around her came up to me.

"Oh, [Problematic's real name]! I'm Mrs. Winslow! It's so nice to meet you at last." There was handshaking involved, but the entire time, I couldn't help wondering: How did she know my name, and what was tales of horror and shock had Escapist and Hobbes and M told her to put that weird intonation in her last words? I have an inkling as to the first question, but not for the second.

The next time this happened was later on Friday. Once again, a mother came up to me, introduced herself, and her tone implied prior knowledge of my exploits.

Goodness! What have I been doing to the poor kids at speech?
B (who is channeling Jedi Gerbils)


  1. haha, she's heard STORIES about the infamous Problematic... mostly the meat-related v-word, and other such niceties from Hobbes, and remarks upon your wittiness from Escapist.

  2. You know, I'm rapidly regretting mentioning my partial vegetarianism to Hobbes at all. >:P