06 February 2010


Last August, I joined a new Venture Crew as one of the required non-Boy Scout members. Since then, I've accepted the job of secretary for the crew. For those of you who don't know, Venture is affiliated with the Boy Scouts, except it is co-ed and covers older teens through age 21.

My crew is kind of funny. It's made mostly of Boy Scouts, with a couple girls who come on occasion. However, the girls view Thursday nights (the night we meet) as their night-off, so the past few meetings I've been the only girl present. Last meeting, I was asked if I was 'frightened by all the macho boys' by one of the advisers, and my first reaction was to snicker. Compared the the guys in speech club, the Boy Scouts are - not angels, but certainly a lot less awkward.

One of the advantages of being the unequipped newbie in the crew (relatively speaking, since I'm also a Girl Scout) is that there's opportunities for hand-me-downs. And this is the point of my post. The first meeting after Christmas, one of the crew came in with a spare uniform. Our crew decided on the official shirts, but aren't picky about the rest of the stuff. So anyways, one of the guys had bought a shirt that didn't fit for some reason, but as looking to pass it off to someone. And since I'm the new one, I went home with a men's medium green tent.

In all fairness, it isn't too bad. I mean, put a big belt around the waist, and it makes a cute dress. Without the belt, it's a sack. Here's a cartoon of what it looks like:

This, meanwhile, is how it should look:

Random post, right? Well, I'd stay and comment, but I've got some minutes to type.


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