30 December 2009

[insert evil laughter here]

Yesterday, my extemporaneous club met with high hopes, lofty goals, and reams of paper to file. Yup, we were going to have a filing party if it killed us. And since it had been weeks since we'd met, everyone had many, many articles to file. Alas, our productive dreams were shattered. Alright, so we did end up filing all of those pesky articles, but on the way, we made many redundant unnecessary files (...sorry :P), had many instances of context fail, and generally tried to misinterpret everything being said to the most awkward degree. I blame it all on Calvin.

During the course of the afternoon, we discovered someone *coughcoughCalvincoughcough* had an affinity for the whole Honduras politics thing going on. We also discovered that we needed a file for 'weird people' such as the Salahis, Balloon Boy, and President Obama. Said file has now been christened the stupid people file.

Some of my favorite context fails (and wins):

"I'm in favor of the Chinese method of execution: a shot to the head. " "Ah, technology!!" <--- This being said by Jedi Gerbil, who had just found the technology folder laying about in the rubble.

It just occurred to me that the rest, taken out of context, sound completely wrong. So I shall stop there for the dignity of my extemp club.

Anways, there are five speakers in club: Jedi Gerbil, Barrelfighter, Calvin, Mrs. Incredible, and your humble narrator. We decided that since there are five exposed sides on the file box, each of us will decorate one side to our hearts content. But that wasn't enough. No, we'd write our own fictional biographies. And then someone (I forget who) decided to write another persons' biography.

Imagine my glee when I was assigned to write the fictional biography of Calvin, someone I know, literally, nothing about. Mwahahaha... This is going to be fun.

Now, if you'll excuse, I must dream up a nefarious past for my extemporaneous compatriot. ;)



  1. The darn music on your blog starts up so quietly that I don't notice it at first. Shame.

  2. Yup. He's in my club. ;)

    Qwip, what's wrong with that?

  3. It gets louder until it's blasting at me. :(

  4. haha, that sounds like Calvin. Have a fun time writing his fictional biography, be sure to fill it with gossip :D