27 December 2009

[insert eyeroll here]

After much quiet contemplation, it has been determined that 'normal' compliments are boring.  I was re-reading my journal yesterday, and realized that the only ones I remember are the odd ones. Some of my favorites include:

"You're creepy cute. Like a girl from a Japanese horror film."

"You've got a face that could explode a thousand missiles." Thanks, I think.

"I love the way you talk. It's so squeaky!"

And finally, "Now I know why I keep you around: self-esteem." Glad to help, o my friend. ;)

Have you ever heard/received a weird compliment?



  1. oh yes.

    "You look just like Kevin Jonas!"

    "You know, your hair is amazing. It's just like a hedgehog that exploded in the microwave."

    "That's why you're called Ashton. 'Cause you're weird."

    Ahh, the things I've been called.

  2. Aye.

    A friend once said to me as he put my shoes on (still don’t know why he did that),
    "Wow Beth...you have clown feet! Awesomeness."


  3. Who told you that you look like a girl from a Japanese horror film? I agree...

  4. Escapist - I love the one about your hair. xD

    Lib - That's a little non sequitur

    Qwip - That was you. But I wasn't going to mention it. ;)

  5. Ah. That explains my agreement. ... lol.