18 December 2009


These past few weeks, I've had a couple imaginary friends following me around. They're not mine - I don't recognize them, or even know their names. But for lack of better monikers, I've called these two Snuffles and Chuckles.

If you've lost a badger with a penchant for melodrama or a psycho clown, please comment below. They are starting to get annoying. But they have been useful - don't get me wrong. I started a club for imaginary friends. If your imaginary friend would like to attend, please have them comment with name, species, and temperament below, and I'll have Snuffles contact them for the first meeting.



  1. Wait! YOU have my psycho clown!?!?!

    How dare you? I coul- wait, what?
    Oh sorry, never mind about that...he's still here...yes, yes, I'll tell her. He would like to state that he is the Psycho Joker...not a clown...whatever. *rollseyes*

    But anyway, we'll be there!

  2. Well, the badger is mine, but I am pretty sure that the psycho clown is Qwip's. He helped him write a speech last year.

  3. Wai wai wait---

    Have you seen Banga Banga? He always slips away these winter months.

    And I'm looking for a teenage spy named Theo who takes his vocation very seriously. Very seriously.

    I don't know how skilled badgers are with reconnaissance, but if any of your new friends have seen a wayward aspiring spy or odd creature that lives in between the screen door and wooden one, I'd appreciate it if they'd contact me.