06 December 2009


So, I was looking through the archives of my blog recently. *sniff* And then, *sniffle* I realized that a lot of the recent posts were *sob* about my emotions. Tell me *cry*, does this look like the face of an emotional person? =',[ *hiccup* I thought not.

... Ahem. Sorry about that. I wrote the beginning of this post very, very late at night, after a long day.

Yesterday, I hitched a ride with the marvelous Miss C.M to a Team Policy tournament on the other side of the drink. I ended up staying overnight at her house prior to the tournament, and I fear I may have *haha* given her a larger dose of Problematic humor than she really wanted. Sigh.

Anyways,  while I was there, I ran into Qwipster, which was unexpected to say the least. But the way it happened reminded me of something I was meaning to post a while ago. You see, I'm very, very jumpy. And I mean very jumpy. And this is is the issue I mean to blog about today.

Yesterday, I was minding my own business, listening to a conversation, when a weird voice said my name. I turned around to see a very creepy looking person in a Santa Hat, pulled over his eyes, grinning sadistically down at me. I jumped in less time than it took for you to read the explanation. This being Qwip we're talking about, he was not content to do it just once. So later that day, when he came to return my flowpad, he did again. I jumped, internally, again. grrr.

Why do people find so much amusement in making me jump? You may recall I went on a camping trip this summer when I broke my toe. Well, most of the kids on the trip found repeated pleasure in pretending to throw things at me just to watch me flinch.  Not too pleasant after the toe incident, because I almost always feel onto the foot that was *swollen to 1.5 times its usual size.*

Oh, and then there was last year's Regional Invitational. Jedi Gerbil and I were playing spie- um, conducting top secret research in the back hallways to realize stress when out of nowhere, another debater from our state walked in on us. He didn't see our hand guns, and only heard us laughing nervously. JG and I quickly walked away, but halfway down the hall, a voice *right behind my right shoulder* asked what was so funny. Yup, it was the debater. And yes, I did scream. And there might have been a bit of falling over from the shock. Now, this particular debater told another debater about how funny it was, and five minutes later, debater two did it to me. And there was screaming. :roll:

And going a few years back, I babysat for a woman's Bible study group. Being responsible for 23 squalling infants (and not-so-infants), I tended to lose track of the older six-year-olds, who tended to go into the back yard to play.  One day, as I innocently sat, reading a book to a little two-year, a big, hairy spider attacked me. I jumped, and almost lost control of the little one, who chortled sneeringly at me as I chased down the six year who had dropped the plastic spider from the top of the stairs.

And even farther back, I fulfilled part of my contract as an annoying little sister, and annoyed my own dear brother. I don't even remember what I did, but it was pretty good for the vengeance mine own dear brother enacted on me. I had just finished reading the Lord of the Rings, and we watched the Two Towers one evening (there was a 'read it, then watch it' rule). As I sleepily got into bed at 12:30 am, I failed to notice the lump hiding in my reading corner. Mom and Dad failed to notice it too. So when they finished praying with me, etc. they filed out and turned off the lights. I closed my eyes. I could feel sleep brushing against my consciousness. I could feel hands groping around me feet. HANDS??? I sat up, and a black figure perched on my footboard started crawling towards me, whispering "We wants to wrings her filthsy little neckses" and other dire threats. I screamed. Mom turned on the light, and revealed Thursday in the act of scaring his beloved little sister half to death. Good times.

So I've got a question for my *faithful* readers. What was the funniest time you've been scared, scared someone, or seen a scaring in the act?

I look forward to reading some stories.



  1. ... or don't comment. Your choice.

  2. lol. mine's pretty embarrassing, so DON'T TELL. :P
    when I was about 7, I got scared to death by the rumbling washing machine that was in our bathroom, so I ran screaming from the bathroom with no pants on.... in front of the entire family. most traumatic.

  3. Ouch. That's horrible!... and terribly funny, too. >is thoroughly ashamed at her schaden fruede<

  4. Well, last month Evan stopped by our house without my knowledge and decided to sneak up on me. It was memorable because my mind told me a split second before his attack that it was just a sibling, but then realized midway through his scream of "Ngarrg!" that he wasn't any family member, so I was scared anyway. I think I fell out of my chair...