18 October 2009

A brief complaint

The problem with being known for plotting is that people always suspect you when you're not doing anything. The other day, I was out and about with my good friend Lady Speckles. She was trying on a ring in a jewelry store, and, though I was not particularly interested in engagement rings, I made a genuine compliment on how the ring looked on her finger. She gave me a sharp look, said "I don't think it looks that bad,"  and tried on another.  Later that same day, she asked my opinion on something, but I didn't have an opinion, so I made a non-committal reply, and she gave me the same look, and said something to the extent of "Whatever you're planning, I don't want to be in it."

Now, I like the reputation of be a plotter, but it takes a lot of energy to plot properly. So when people accuse me of plotting when I'm not, it's slightly annoying.

End Rant.

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