21 October 2009

Letter to the Editor

I usually pre-write my posts the week before I plan to post them, but today, I'm going to break the mold. For my Rhetoric class, we were supposed to write a letter to the editor of our local newspaper about media bias. The following letter is presented for your political-junky reading pleasure. Enjoy.

"Editor, the Times:

Although a private company, a newspaper has a responsibility to all of its readers. This responsibility is delivering truth about the day’s news to its readers. Some newspapers find themselves in the unfortunate position of providing propaganda, rather than filtering it out.

Biased media representation of facts harms not only the truth, but the readers of these newspapers. Newspapers do a disservice by prepackaging half-truths and interpretations for their subscribers. When readers subscribe to a newspaper, they expect to receive reliable information, not propaganda; personal opinion presented, not as fact, but merely opinion. Most of all, readers expect fair-dealing with hot topics.

These hot topics include such controversial issues as evolution and its critics, the fight over homosexuals’ place in society, and political candidates. It is in these areas and areas like them that newspapers tend to stumble with the concept of ‘truth.’ Misrepresenting ‘the opposition’ on these issues does not make ‘the opposition’ less trustworthy, it only misinforms voters.

To sum, when a newspaper steps from providing news to reporting misleading news, it has violated its responsibility of delivering truth to its subscribers.

Best of wishes as you strive for accurate reporting."

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