14 October 2009

It rained!

I wrote about my love of rain a few weeks ago. I also wrote that I wanted to go and out get soaked in it a few times before spring.

Today, I am happy to say, I had that opportunity. After getting up quite early to take the PSAT, and after sitting through two hours of rhetoric, I was quite ready for a change. So I took a while and went rambling in the rain, finally ending up sitting on a rock in a park, thinking. While I was joking in that previous posts about the 'great contributions' to art from these sessions, I do end up thinking interesting thoughts. Today was no different.

When at last I got home from rambling, I had acquired a new pile of sopping clothes, a soggy journal, and a fresh, shiny pile of interesting thoughts that I don't care to share at the present. The forecast predicts more rain, and I'm going to try to get ahead in my school work so I can spend more time in my favorite element. :)

Wish me luck,


  1. Best of luck to you upon your ambitious endeavour!

  2. For the SAT, you have to sit through five hours of rhetoric.


  3. Thank you, Escapist. May you find as much success in your own wanderings. :)

    Qwip - my fault... I had 2.5 hours of PSAT, and then I had 2 hours of Rhetoric class. I shouldn't use such vague language. :P

  4. Oh. Well then, it's a good thing you're getting those rhetoric lessons... :P