05 October 2009

Elysian Peace... or not

I can't tell you how much of a relief it is to have dropped a class last week. Without the two extra hours of homework a week, I'll feel much better! Well, probably not. Last week, I dropped a class called Broadway Review. The hour - and - forty - minute class usually was spent standing on stage, not singing, and waiting for the teacher to block your actions. It also assigned roughly two hours of school work each week.

Now, two hours isn't terribly significant in light of the overwhelming loads of work from AP World History, Algebra II/Trig, and Rhetoric (adding the homework from those three makes at least 20, if not more hours of homework), not to mention Biology, Spiritual Classics, the class where they grade my personal relationship with God, and violin, speech, debate, and Latin. The impact comes in when you realize the time of the class.

One morning of the week, I go to Co-op A. There, I have Biology at 8:30. I then stay at the co-op until 2:00 in the afternoon, hoping that I've brought enough schoolwork along to last until Broadway Review. Usually, I do, but since the study hall is so noisy, most of it doesn't get done. I can get more done by going home after Biology, since I seem to study better in my own house.

It looks like that nervous breakdown is going to be delayed by a few more weeks this year! That, in and of itself, is cause for celebration.


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