01 October 2009

A quick notice, and a not-so rhetorical question

I got bored of the recipe gimmick from last week. But I did make the autumn bisque (and Bracie/Ophelia, I'll probably be bringing it to church on Sunday)...

And now, I leave you with a question that has been troubling me all day: Why do parents take their infants out in strollers for walks? They don't get exercise, and since the hood thingy is usually down, they don't get fresh air either...

Chew on that,


  1. Yuummmmmmmm...

    Because the parents get exercise?????????

  2. oh, that's an easy one. They take their infants with them, because otherwise they'd have to leave them home alone by themselves. Doing that would give them no end of worriment. Take the child, problem solved. :)

  3. Ah, but then why go out in the first place? They're merely exploiting their children for personal enjoyment! ;)