11 October 2009

Learning Experience

Last year, as you may or may not know, I was in the class of my nightmares. Literally. I used to have bad dreams about walking into a doorless room with a bunch of faceless guys who laughed at me. Logic class wasn't quite so bad. There were two doors, and they all had faces.

However, during that class, I had a few unfortunate encounters of with the young men in my class. The school year started out alright, but a student transferred into the class a few weeks in, and it was from this chap that I had the most difficulties. At first, it was just making too many 'girl' jokes or syllogisms based off the difference between boys or girls. Pretty soon, he was sitting next to me because "you look depressed and need friends." Things came to a head when this particular young gentleman started picking inappropriate subjects for conversations with me, and I told Dad. Dad threatened to change this guy's voice up a few octaves, and in the end, the young man in question was made to offer an apology (of sorts) for his behavior. A week later, he pulled me aside and told me that 'it wasn't really serious' and that I 'shouldn't have got my parents involved,' not to mention that I'm {censored}teen and I "need to become independent from what my parents think." After that, I had no problems with him.

However, there were a few other mild cases from different young gents last year, and by the time June rolled around, I was feeling fairly creeped out. Well, the other day, when I was writing my previous post, I realized something. Something that was important enough to write a separate post. See, while I was wrapped up in all the mildly traumatic happenings, I'd completely forgotten that there are, in fact, decent gentlemen out there. They weren't as obvious or flashy as the indecent ones, but nevertheless, they were there. And I didn't really notice it last year.

Before last year, I was pretty wary of guys due to other unpleasant encounters. But looking back, I think that God was using logic class and the other places to teach me not to be distrustful of the group as a whole. Not all of the three who helped me read this blog, but I still am terribly thankful.

(end sappy part two)


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  1. to slightly alter a well-used quote, 95% of all guys make the other 5% look bad. it's finding, for you, trying to be one, for me, of those decent men that's the hard thing.

    Take it from someone who knows... most/all guys are idiots in some form or manner ><