07 November 2009


Yesterday I was able to spend time with a dear friend of mine. That we were able to make time to do so was remarkable.

First thing we did, we went to the mall. Yes, I know, we're horrible people. But anyway, we found this little Japanese dollar store in there, and decided to buy some food as an experiment. We came out of the store with a package of odd rice thingies, rice candies, and something called 'Yan Yan'.

Yan Yan, we discovered, was a package of cookie sticks and a little chocolate cream. You dip the stick in the chocolate, and eat it. Well, on each stick, there was an animal, with a caption that went along with it.

Specs had some interesting sticks:
"Cow: Muuuuuuuuuu"
"Chick: Favorite Color Yellow"
"Duck:  Go For a Swim"
'Whale: Biggesy Animal"
"Goat: You are lucky today"

For some reason, I got the weirdest captions:
"Octopus: Lucky Number, 8"
"Beetle: Favorite Color Brown"
"Bat: Only in the Night"
"Squid:  Black Ink"
And my favorite. "Stag Beetle: Love it."

Of course, we did many other things, but if I told you, I'd forfeit my blackmail material. ;)

The moral of this story? Love your stag beetles.


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