22 November 2009


Yesterday was a lovely little round robin. Because of my sickness this past week, I didn't expand my Original Oratory from outline form until Friday night, and it was finished at 1:30 am Saturday with cold medicine running through my veins. Since the RR was held about an hour from my house and started at 8:15, I got up at 5:30, getting only 3.5 hours of sleep.

Fortunately, we got there with half an hour to spare. Starbucks was quickly found, and the shot of espresso I ordered there helped me keep some semblance of pleasantness during the day. Alright, it was very jittery pleasantness, but nonetheless, I was not a complete troll. Peach and/or her mom got me another shot of espresso later on in the day, which was so sweet of them.

Interestingly enough, this RR ranks in the top three tournaments I've ever attended. I actually enjoyed myself - probably because I made myself socialize. In fact, I talked so much, I'm slightly hoarse, and I've got roughly five hours of church to leave for. ;)

The best part was that my club did very well - placing people in many of the categories awarded, and I'm really proud of them for it.

Anyways, it's off to church!


1 comment:

  1. I'm hoarse too!

    I had oodles of fun being a ghost with you today.

    Sounds like you had a rather ghastly/ghostly experience this evening. I'm sorry.