12 November 2009

Gummy Bear Theology

I'm a terrible procrastinator when it comes to posting ideas.  My friend Peach and I were talking about how you can find answers about Christianity in anything. This was a month and a half ago. Today, I present for your reading enjoyment our musings on Gummy Bears and Theology.

There are four ways in which Gummy Bears exemplify teachings of Christianity. First of all, you will notice that they are transparent. We are told to be honest multiple times in the Bible,  and so, Christians should be transparent like the Gummy Bear.

Next, Gummy Bears are malleable. Like yummy Potter's Clay. Need we say more?

You will then observe that it is very easy to rip off Gummy Bears' heads. This shows that we're all mortal, and awfully easy to kill.

Finally, Gummy Bears come in so many flavors and colors - white, green, red, yellow, orange... Just like all the races of humans on this earth. The kingdom of God is not made of one nationality. It's a grab bag, just like a Gummy Bear bag.

Thanks all for reading.

Peach and B


  1. Gummy bears...

    Now I want to leave decapitated bears by the microwaves next week. :P

  2. HEY BETHIE!!!!

    I totally bord right now, in the hotal and every thing...I love your playlist girl(Now we are free is a beautiful song...I should put it on my playlist, along with some of Larry Norman's!=)

    Well hopefully you'll chetch this tonight or before we meet again tomorrow.

    Just wanted to say that it was completly awesome spending time with you today, lets do it tomrrow too!
    (We could switch bags and look completly cool! Wear your cons!And bring your comp book!)

    Maybe I should make this into a email...nah. To...tried...to type...rvjk.fskndv./klvki/hl

    ^that was my head hitting the keyboard of my dad's labtop.

    Sitting next to me is a package of coffe called European coffee bleand...I wonder if it really is from Eroupe.
    I want to go to Europe...lets go together!!!

    I should stop rambling now...see you tomorrow! Tell me how the Groove sesson went!


  3. Have a headache, Bethie? :D Yeah, I'll see you soon.

    Of course, now I'll be doing a post to explain the supposed non sequitur. So sit back, relax, and try not to stick the little umbrellas in unnatural places. Like your skin.