05 November 2009

... had a bad day ...

It all started last night... er... this morning. I woke up early (3:00ish) remembering that I forgot a very important bit on my science assignment: my name, class date, and name of the lab. So I labeled the report, and woke up at 6:00 for Coop A. Coop A is enough to make any day bad, but it get's better. I figured out how much of a skill I've got for hurting myself: I made myself bleed from two cuts made using Molymod models in science.

After leaving Coop A early, I drove up north for an hour to talk about LD debate to a group of homeschoolers for 2 hours. And my partner didn't plan anything out, except the debate we gave. So we talked like bumbling fools for half of the two hours, and debated like bumbling fools for the rest.  It was not impressive. Worst quote of the event came from yours truly: "So these ships fire anti-tank guns at each other as they sail past and... whoops, not Anti-Tank guns. I don't know. Some big type of gun. You can tell I don't pay attention to the military. "

Then the drive home, mentally berating myself for not forcing my partner to plan ahead, and finally getting home only to realize I'm so mentally-exhausted that I'm struggling with all the homework I've got to do before bed. *sigh*

Things look grim, gentlemen!


  1. Poor Problematic....

    Go listen to Daniel Powter...

  2. :( I'm so sorry you had a bad day.. I'll be praying for God to give you strength to get done all that needs to be done :)

    I also wanted to encourage you to fight the good fight, Problematic! I'm sure your student appreciate you taking time out of what is most certainly a packed schedule to instruct them in the ways of LD. Don't beat yourself up too badly about not doing so good today, we all have ups and downs.

  3. Hey, Prob-I'm sorry you had a screwy day. I had kind of a weird one- I woke up this morning with a 3-inch nail in the pocket of my pajamas- and NO IDEA why it was there.===P