19 November 2009


So, I'm pretty much over the fever stuff, but now I'm coming down with a cold. :( Challenging Murphy wasn't such a great idea last week. :P

Anyways, the 'long-awaited' explanation of Libby's seemingly random comment on Gummy Bear Theology.

This weekend was the Christian Musician's Summit. It was two days of amazing musical fun. From the beginning concert of Lincoln Brewster to the ending funky groove of Newworldson, I enjoyed myself quite heartily. It was an interesting format: worship/concert in the morning and sermon, then a couple of sessions, lunch, then more worship, then another session, then dinner, and finally another concert. We listened to the strains of Lincoln Brewster, Brenton Brown, Paul Baloche, Don Poythress, Matt Redman, Newworldson, Doyle Dykes, and others I can't remember.

Anyways, it was a highly successful weekend. I was able to attend a few classes on songwriting, a few on playing violin in worship contexts, and one on being a 'street musicianary' (musician = missionary).  Of the sessions I attended, my favorite was 'Anchoring Songwriting in Truth."  Brian Doerksen, the teacher to the class, has written some of the most popular worship songs (Come, Now is the time to Worship, among them). He talked about balancing truth with artistry in songwriting, which was most interesting. And of course, I attended the session on crossing genre lines, with Don Poythress. Those two combined were the best ones.

For the two days, I hung out with Libby, Ophelia, Bracie, Peach, Keilah, and a few others. Peach, Libby, and I formed the converse coalition of the group.=] And did I mention the amazing convention floor there, too?

Unfortunately, I came down with some fever/dizziness thing on Saturday, so I ended up leaving the evening concert early. It was a real pity because newworldson, the band with a 1930's beatboxing gangster as front-man had an amazing groove going.  Oh well.

If you'll excuse me, I've got a speech to write.


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