06 November 2009

My Jeesh

If you have read the Ender's Game series by Orson Scott Card, you know what this title means. If not, you are missing out, and I highly recommend it, unless you've got a problem with mild swears. But moving on, a jeesh. The word "Jeesh" refers to a close group of friends, trusted by the individual possessing said Jeesh. In the original context, Ender's Jeesh was a group of friends with whom Ender worked

 Sometimes I get caught up with the tragedies and comedies enacting themselves in the stage, and think that the rest of the world is in the peanut gallery, making sarcastic comments about the bad acting. The truth is closer to this: "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players." In this particular comedy, I may be the title character, but rather than occupying the peanut gallery, my close friends and associates find themselves acting in the play with me. Because of that, I do all I can do to be the best back-up actress in their own comedies and tragedies.

I was thinking about my Jeesh.  It's quite amazing the types of people present. I've got extroverts and introverts galore. I've got courtyard and keep inhabitants; actors and acrobats; flower people and autumn folk; poets and artists and musicians; bubbly and withdrawn people. The whole thing is a little daunting to observe. I'm a little slow to warm up to people, so thinking that I've got trustworthy friends as wonderful as this is quite overwhelming.

Because I appreciate them, I'll list the names of my Jeesh. If they've got screennames, I'll be using those, if not, their initials will suffice. In alphabetical order:

Bracie - Kindred Spirit
Dory  - Fellow Romantic
Escapist - Dreamer of Dreams
Lady Knight - Co-conspirator
Lady Nessa - Cream to my Coffee
Lady Specs - Comforter
NtropyIncarnate - Dancer in the Rain
Ophelia - Fierce Damsel
Peach - Fruity Fun
Qwip  -  Cross-examiner
S.C. - Beautiful Soul
Thursday - Plotter
Toothpick  - Best. Mistake. Ever.

Thank you. It's doubtful that I'd be me without y'all. And it goes without saying that I'm always trying to add to the list. ;)



  1. I love being in your Jeesh... thank you for being in mine.

  2. *doffs hat and bows* I am honoured to be listed among your jeesh :)