25 November 2009


It's good to know I've still got a knack for inflicting pain on myself. After the six months since I broke my toes, I was getting a little worried, not to mention the six weeks since I drew blood with plastic blocks.  So you can guess my pleasure when I proved that I am still perfectly capable of maiming myself.

I started out by taking out my knee at Costco when a carton of juice I was holding got a life of its own and attacked me.

The knee turned vicious, and during the unloading process gave out just when I was going down our concrete steps. I found my face only narrowly escaping a kiss from the ground, but on the plus side, the offending knee was punished, leaking mine very life fluid onto the ground. The palms were also roughed up in my life-or-death fight with the stairs, and they are taking vengeance even as I type.

They say that everyone has a special gifting. Mine must be hurting myself. How else can I explain this 'awkward stage' that's been ongoing for fifteen years? (You can't really count the year I was not autonomously mobile)

And there's yet another incredibly self-centered post.


  1. I'm sorry, B. I hate it when things like that happen. I hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. What a poetic way to describe what must have been a great amount of gore... which is to say, I'm sorry you beat yourself up again :(