25 November 2009


"Today, my friend dragged me to see New Moon. There were tons of 'Team Edward' and 'Team Jacob' supporters, which has to be the most pointless debate of all time. Out of nowhere, a guy dressed like the Phantom of the Opera ran through the crowds yelling "TEAM PHANTOM!" at the top of his lungs. I think he wins. MyLifeIsAverage."

Win. Pure, simple, unadulterated Win. Or Up. Or Cool. Or Awesome. Or whatever word you're using to describe the general principle. If there were "Team Phantom" t-shirts, I'd wear one. Completely.

Ponder on that for a while.


  1. Google it. I found one website that looks especially promising...

    unfortunately, my overactive filter has blocked it. how annoying.

  2. That is quite a promising t shirt... I believe I know what goes on my "Get-when-my-pockets-aren't-empty" list. ;) Thanks for the tip.

  3. Oh, they've also got "Team Erik" shirts as well. *drools*

  4. Fan girl! You're fan girling!

    However, it is very true that the Phantom is far better then Jacob, Edward, or Harry.

  5. *drools into common puddle*
    lol, a friend saw this and said do that, except be dressed as L, and run screaming "TEAM L!!!!!"

  6. Yes, Qwip, I am. Do you have a problem with that? :)

    You should do that, Escapist. Completely. And have one of your friends video tape it, then send it to me. :D