22 November 2009

Too young

I think it was the lateness of the hour, combined with the lack of sleep on the driver's part combined with unfamiliar roads. But whatever it was, it was unpleasant. Tonight, coming home from church, I had the (mis)fortune of seeing my life flash before mine proverbial eyes. We had to stop in a major city on our way home to drop books off at a library, and the driver was not familiar with the area.

Coming away from the library, our driver was a little stressed, and almost changed lanes into a car. This was unpleasant since the other car started about six inches in front of where I was sitting. I was looking out the window as the complex maneuver occurred and saw this car draw closer and closer to where I was sitting. The rest of the drive home, I was wishing I'd brought my personal instant teleportation device along. It's safe to say I've never been that scared. ... Yeah.

I'm never going driving without bringing the aforementioned teleportation device along. Ever.


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