11 January 2010

Classical Music

I recently wrote of my love of music catalogs. In that post, I mentioned a deep dislike for the classical music industry, and this post is to clarify what I meant.

I love classical music. Let's get this straight. I adore Rachmaninoff, I could listen to Beethoven for hours, and Debussy is one of my favorites.Whether it's the 1812 Overture, or Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, I heartily enjoy the classical music tradition.

However, I cannot stand the classical music industry. Yes, I can make a statement like this because I've had interactions with many professionals: instructors, conductors, professors, etc. Invariably, all of them treat the music as a dead relic of history. You must play the piece exactly as they would have played the piece three-hundred years ago because that's the way they would have done it.

In other words, the classical music industry is dead. It looks back in time, pining for the 'good old days' of Mozart and Vivaldi, stifling new interpretations of old pieces. And when I see such legalism in an area which should allow freedom, ingenuity, and imagination in the interpretation of old pieces, I get sick to my stomach. The classical music industry is so stagnant, so putrid to me that a career as music teacher, classical composer, or member of a symphony is utterly repugnant.

The life has moved out of classical music, and until it returns, I will look for inspiration elsewhere.



  1. I'm so sorry to read of your hatred of the classical music biz. I just find such a joy in what I do, and feel as if I am blessed to have such a great career that enables me to glorify God with music as I work. It sort of hurts my heart to read your words.

    May you find something that feeds your soul, as my job feeds mine. (Even while, as an oboist, I spend a good deal of time whining about reeds! Sigh.)

    Cheers!(& I do promise not to leave random comments at your blog again! :-)

  2. Does it come across as hatred? That was not my intention in the slightest. :(

    I'm glad God has led to you to find such joy in your career. Music is a glorious gift from God, (as Martin Luther says) and He leads us to use it in different ways. For you, He has you in the classical music business, but we'll have to see where He leads me.

    As for random comments, you're welcome to do so whenever you feel like it. ;)

    Thanks for the feedback,