03 January 2010


Another one. Because I'm saving what would have been today's post for after a tournament, when I'll have an excuse for posting it. And I never really did an Old Year's post. Enjoy this terribly self-centric post.

3 things I accomplished last year:
1. Got to Regionals in Debate
2.Survived a class as the only girl in it
3. Turned 16

3 things I plan to accomplish this year:
1. Learn to play guitar
2. Actually start recording my songs, not just writing them
3. Finish my Gold Award in GSUSA

3 embarrassing things that happened last year:
1. Being match-made with a good platonic friend of mine. :(
2. Getting a lecture on the future of my love-life at a tournament. lol, that was funny.
3. Having a birthday party

3 life-changing things that happened last year:
1. I helped put on two summer camp/workshop thingies for NCFCA - an LD and a Speech one
2. Survived and learned from my own series of unfortunate events
3. Became friends with a lot more people. :P

3 things that happened last year that made me smile:
1. Being told "Rose, my name's the Doctor. Run for your life!" at a party. Still making me smile.
2. The scrapbook I received from my friend Lady Specs. And most of the cards and things inside. Oh, and the one card that I added to the picture of a lady riding a horse with a revolver. And the picture of little ballet me next to the legend "When other girls wanted to be ballerinas, I was pretty sure I wanted to be a vampire."Yeah, the whole thing is pretty up. And win. And Pozulfownful.
3. Sitting in the back of a car with a girlfriend of mine. I think we both ended up crying. So it was sad. But it was a good sad. Which is why it made me smile.

3 random things that I didn't do last year:
1. I didn't die! *dances*
2. I didn't release an album
3. I didn't meet Marty


  1. LOL

    I love your first answer to what you didn't do last year! Made me smile!