24 January 2010


It is a truth universally recognized that a woman in possession of a head must be in want of someone's hair. What I mean is this: a woman with stick-straight hair will want to have curls, and one with curls wants straight. Meanwhile, those with waves will want one of the extremes. And of course, those with thin hair want thick hair, those with thick strands want fine strands. Sometimes, those with hair want no hair and shave it all off.

 This concept really hit home with me this weekend, at the tournament. My first speech teacher emphasized that before going into a room, find  a mirror and give yourself a complete inspection to make sure there's nothing wrong with your appearance. So before rounds, I'd go into the women's restrooms, where they'd invariable have nice, large mirrors, to find other competitors primping. That's usual, but in one round, a particular young lady was having trouble curling her stick-straight hair, and observing to a friend that 'curly-haired people don't have to go to all this trouble!'

Myself, I'm one of the people with naturally straight hair. The great thing about straight hair is that you don't have to use a straightener to get it that way. The bad thing about it is that you can't get it to do anything else, even with all the world's hair products. If you get it curly in the morning, it will be wavy by noon, and straight by evening. Because of this, my heart went out to the young lady with the curling iron.

A second, later round, I discovered a lady with curls attempting to tame her hair with a straightener. It wasn't working. She run the sizzling hot iron down a curl, only to find, five seconds later, it had reverted to a perfectly shaped curl. She was, as you can imagine, not entirely pleased with the result.

Isn't it sad how we get so obsessed over hair that we complain about it? I think so.


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