01 January 2010

Of Meat and Potatoes, Right-handed Violinists, and Depression

You know, I originally was going to do a fairly stereotypical post about everything that went wrong last year and my hopes and dreams for the upcoming year. And then I decided not to. Instead, this post is going to be a grab-bag of goodies. Unless you really hate hearing about my life, in which case I must ask the question: Why are you even on my blog?

Alright, so some of you might know that last year, my New Year's Resolution was a meat fast. I did it in part to punish myself for breaking all my previous New Year's Resolutions, and partly because the idea of eating the corpse of a dead animal makes me sick. So I ruled out red and white meats, shrimp, and pretty much all seafood except salmon. This morning at 12:01, I celebrated the end of the fast by eating a bite of fried rice that had touched some pork. Rad, isn't it? Anyways, I just finished eating my first meal with meat in it in a year, and I probably shouldn't have done it. My stomach hurts. Bleh.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are big entertaining days. We had Pippin and her family over last night; today, we're having all of the debaters from speech and debate over for a movie night and soup; and tomorrow, Lady Specs and her family are coming over for dinner. One of the soups we're fixing for today is potato soup, and being the only daughter in the house, the job of peeling potatoes fell to me. It has been statistically shown that 95% of the times I peel potatoes, I also peel myself. As I sat at the kitchen table, peeling potatoes and digits, I realized I had a problem: While I am ambidextrous, to some degree, my right hand is dominant. This means that when peeling potatoes, my first reaction is to hold the potato in my left hand and the peeler in my right. But I also play violin, and my left hand is the one that presses on all those lovely sharp strings. So if the peeling knife slipped, I wouldn't be able to play violin for three weeks as I waited for my fingers to heal. But if I peeled with the knife in my left hand, I'd injure my dominant hand, with which I play piano, write, type, and draw, especially since my left hand is clumsier with knives than my right.

I settled for maiming my dominant hand. It escaped with only a few nicks and cuts, fortunately.

Today being the first of the new year is my final subject: depression. I really hate New Year's. Really, really hate. It means my Christmas break is over. It means that I no longer have anymore time to procrastinate on my World History, Math, Rhetoric, Science, and Latin. It means that the next two days are going to be really, really busy as I try to finish the [censored] lessons of History I didn't do over 12 days. And it means that school is about to start again. This morning as I tried to fall asleep, I ended up taking myself on a really good guilt trip. I always start Christmas break with the best of intentions to do 2 lessons of homework a day, but then I remember why I love break: because technically speaking, I don't have to do it. But yet, with my schedule being what it is, I really do need to do homework. And what with all the hosting we're doing right now, I spend most of the day preparing the house, cooking, and entertaining, which means less time for homework.

If you'll excuse me, I've got to go load the dishwasher and feel sorry for myself.


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