27 January 2010

Mmm, delicious

This post is brought to you from the irony in my life. 

I feel slightly guilty for the enjoyment I received out of yesterday's Latin tutorial. You see, I helped to grade my Latin tutor's midterms from classes she teaches. While doing so, I graded one of my friend's test. I found it deliciously ironic, seeing that she is tutoring many younger students in Latin. Yeah, I love the irony, but I'm not going to tell her that the pink marks on her test come from me. >roll<

Guilty feeling's still not gone.

The other irony, which affects me more directly, is one which Lady Specs has caused. A few weeks ago, she dragged me into volunteering for a 1940s themed swing dance. I'm trying to recruit people to go to the dance, but due to a previously mentioned problem with dances, I may not even be going.

Oh, it's still delicious.


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  1. I'm going to a waltz gala ball next week that my orchestra is putting on- it's the main fundraiser for it. They were hoping for 200 people and so far only fifty people have bought tickets. There are some people panicking. :/ I'm trying to recruit lots of people too, which is hard, seeing as the ticket price is $40, but I know I'm going- I'm helping provide the music! :P