06 January 2010


It just occurred to me that I should define my terms. As in, offer brief explanations of some of the terms I use. The definitions provided below are for people who feature in my posts but don't necessarily read the blog.

Pwzulfownful: Like pwn, only better
Thursday: My brother. The one and only. Almost of a drinking age
NtropyNcarnate: Polyglot in training. Fellow Latin student.
Toothpick: College-aged friend nicknamed for her extreme thinness. And because she holds Dory (the meat) and me (the bread and toppings) together in our lovely friend sandwich. Nom nom nom.
Dory: College-aged friend nicknamed for similarities to Finding Nemo's Dory
Calvin: Speaker from my club who interpreted Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes last year. Member of Extemp
Mrs. Incredible: Speaker from my club for whom I could not think an appropriate nickname. Also a member of Extemp.
Lady Specs: Longtime friend and associate. Former speaker, current coach and actress-to-be. The "Specs" stands for Spectacle/s. Senior in High School.
Cassandra: Speaker from my club known for acting and singing abilities
Pipsqueak: Also known as "Dear Little Hobbit", "Pippin," "Pip", and "Crazy Asian SS Lady". Former Speaker, current WWII nut, and lab partner. Named because of a resemblance to a certain hobbit from LotR
UnexpectedSong: Abbreviated as "Song". Song is a current debater from another club.
Xuhlph: The Team Policy club Jedi Gerbils and I wish to start. The members have already been picked, whether they know it or not. Let's just say the teams are pwzulfownful.  Pronounced "Zuhlf"
Ghoul: the new Cool
Bam: Substituted for 'pwn'

And the big reveal! Or not.
B: The initial I choose to represent myself with. It is not necessarily the first letter of my first name.

Is everyone ghoul with this? Awesome.


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