19 January 2010

Lusus Naturae

Every once in a while, my brain pulls out a new trick to play on me. Once, it was making me crave fish and chips every time people talked about pickles. Fortunately, it's grown tired of that one, so recently, my brain rolled out a new line of crazies. My friends, I am now hearing dramatic, deeply moving voice-overs like the ones in bad movies in my head.

They're not all bad: some of them can be quite deep. But they're enough to question why I here this:

"In every life, there comes a stress point. A breaking point. A thinness. A time when you can no longer go on as you have, where you must change or perish."

when I go to get a haircut. I like the idea, so please no stealing, but it seems slightly, well, melodramatic in its timing. I think Snuffles might be unduly influencing me.



  1. why do I have the sudden urge to a) talk about pickles and b) talk in a deeply moving voice-over the next time I see you?

  2. Because you find pleasure in messing with people's minds.