13 January 2010

I love coop B. I really do. Even though I have no right being there on Wednesdays, I am still attached to it.

Something tells me I ought to stop making a public spectacle of myself when I get there, but in my defense: Ntropy made me do it. Well, not made me, but inspired me. Inspiration, to an artist, is the same thing as a force.

You know what we did today? Today, we figured out how to walk on the ceiling. And we got ZachIsACucumber to do it with us. So we walked on the ceiling up stairs, down corridors, and then tried it outside. It's best in corridors, but outside, you feel like you're floating. Unfortunately, people noticed.

Something tells me I ought to stop. But it's so fun to do. !



  1. unfortunate? what was unfortunate about that :D i have so much fun with you :)

  2. That's the same feeling I get when Evan and I do stuff together... Usually, it means we should stop. We never do, though.

  3. And I have fun with you, Ntropy.

    Lib - 1. Stand up Straight. 2. Look up at the ceiling so your entire face is parallel to it. 3. Continue bending backward until are looking up and behind you. 4. Walk backwards,(in the direction you are now looking). The longer you do it, more it feels like you're on the ceiling.

    Qwip - Bother.