15 January 2010


"We can dance if you want to
we can leave your friends behind,
because if your friends don't dance,
well if they don't dance,
then they ain't no friends of mine."

Yup, tonight there was a contra dance hosted by my good friend Lady Specs. As I have blogged about this in the past, I shall spare you any further musings on what usually goes on in my mind at dances. After all, I usually decorate the wall.

No, this time I'll illuminate you as to why dances are not my favorite thing. I love dancing, but I usually don't at dances. When I go to an organized dance, I have two options: A. I can go in expectation of having a grand old time dancing and hanging out and having fun in general, and then go home disappointed. B. I go expecting not to dance, and am not disappointed. So which is better: being very disappointed, or very pessimistic? I really don't know. If I go acting happy and hoping to be happy, my chances of having fun are the same as if I go with apathy and expect disappointment.

At dances, I usually don't know many people, and many people usually don't know me. Most of the people I know are very gregarious girls who dance quite a bit at these events. But tonight's dance was different. Not only were there members from my speech club there, there were also members of other clubs there. Which meant that in comparison to other dances, this one was practically awash with my friends.

I am deeply grateful for the few times I danced tonight. Thank you, gentlemen who will go unnamed. For once, my expectations were exceeded. ;)



  1. Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!

    That was a blast. I think you're underestimating your dancing prospects, dearie.

    Blech. I hate people calling me dearie.


  2. Cool that you had a great time! Your blog is really cool. Keep up the awesome posts!