10 January 2010

Tournament Time!

Let the tournament season hereby begin!

Yesterday, my club had a small round robin because it could. I immediately caught a cold in honor of the occasion. This had the happy effect of postponing my departure to the practice tournament, meaning that I did not have to debate one of my LD club mates yet again. (We only have five members, so practice debates tend to settle into familiarity very quickly.)

Anyways, so I arrive with my usual fanfare and skulk-into-the-room entrance, where I was quickly told in rapid succession that I wasn't supposed to be there. How's that for a welcome? ;) The speech coach finished her remarks, and rounds began in earnest. I was supposed to have Persuasive, Original Oratory, Extemporaneous, and Impromptu, but due to a recent change in my persuasive's premise (from a positive one to a negative one), I only had three. Which was hard enough to do without the fourth.

I have to admit, I wasn't feeling very social on account of the cold and other extenuating circumstances, so I went and hid in the sanctuary, which was happily silent. It was then that the foul Flamevores invaded my sanctuary, throwing heat and destruction in their path. I grabbed my trusty Banana-gun and went to work, exterminating them. Of course, I was interrupted in my work, nay, laughed at, but such is the price heroes must pay for awesomeness.

I had just finished off the last of the Flamevores when my work was interrupted by Escapist, a worthy opponent. We fought on the stairs. We fought in the baptistery. We fought in the sanctuary; and we fought in the hall. Many innocent fruit were destroyed by our fearsome conflict. And, when at last, the fight had ended and students arrested us, we fired on the students. I shall not describe the gore, for it would frighten my more tender readers, but let the record show that when our bananas burst in our hands, we had no more enemies. For a brief, shining moment of glory, Banana-Guns reigned supreme.

And then we went home. Actually, because my Dad had to lock the church up, I stayed late, and the Lady Specs took me home. It was quite a pleasant evening with her. After all, who doesn't like finding amazing monologues and talking with good friends? We sang, we drank, and we were merry (and we got typhoid and dysentery). Wait a second, this isn't a Tom Lehrer song. Ahem. Yes, so I spent the evening with my friend, and then Dad took me home, home.

But guess what was in my car! The shirt I ordered on Christmas Day. It is awesome. You must have a picture. It's somewhere around here... I've composed this in gmail, so I haven't quite mastered all the features. Anyways, if there's a picture in this post, it's a picture of what's on the shirt.

Tournament, Banana-Gun wars, cool t-shirts, my day was complete.


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